About Us

• We are a private limited company established in 1999 and in more than 15 years, we are ranked as one of the prominent pharmaceutical import companies in Sudan.

• We are committed to providing high quality products to our customers and strive to continually improve our service provision.

• As a growing business, we constantly seek for most reliable suppliers of medicines, medical consumables & cosmetics.

• A committed team including a number of technical, financial, managerial & marketing experts working in active collaboration to achieve our goals.

• Capitalizing on growth and adhering to the highest standards of business ethics, we are expanding our business in a logical gradual manner.

• Currently we are distributing 78 pharmaceutical products from different suppliers. In addition, we supply cardiac centers’ devices & some devices for neurosurgery.

• Our offices and stores are located in Al-Sitteen Street. The building value is more than $ 900,000

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