Our Employees

The Total number of our employees is (62).

1- Executive office: (6 Persons):

E.mail Qualification Occupation  
faroug05@yahoo.co.uk BPharm + MBA + MPharm /Bradford-U.K.  General Manager 
raheeg_adm@yahoo.com BA of Arts & Humanities  Administrative Manager 
raheeg_sales@hotmail.com BA of Accounting Sales Manager 
raheeg_reg@yahoo.co.uk BPharm Technical Manager  
raheeg_acc@hotmail.com BA of Accounting + PostGradDip in Accounting and Finance  Financial Manager 
raheeg_marketing@hotmail.com BA of Accounting  Marketing Manager 


2- Promotion & sales: (40)



No Qualification Occupation  
3  BA of Pharmacy Area Manager 
22  BA of Pharmacy Medical Representative 
4 BA of Biomedical Engineering Product specialist  
7 well-trained salesmen Sales  
4 Graduates Sub-distributors  


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